Kaleb Klein


Created: Oct 09th, 2015, 4:20:06 AM UTC (8 years ago)

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KParser is a PHP class used to parse my own script (that I call KScript tongue). The content of both blog posts and portfolio pages are all powered by this simple scripting engine. It's basic and barebones, but it gets the job done. Since I use it heavily on the site, it's regularly updated.

My site is built using Laravel, so KParser needed to be compatible with Laravel. This required that I write an entire Composer package for KParser. So, I did, and published it.

If you wish to check it out, fork it/clone it, or even install it through Composer for Laravel, please check out the project's GitHub webpage at http://pazuzu156.github.io/KParser [pazuzu156.github.io]. This page shows all current supported tags, examples of each one, AND links for the GitHub repository and Packagist pages.

With this, I've gone and created a basic web editor that will allow me to edit and parse KScript on the fly. You can check this out here [kse.kalebklein.com].